Sayed gamal abo-mosallam

Being fond of The HolyQur’an and Islamic studies ,Iam keenon
Pursuing a career in teaching the Qur’an.
-Teaching Quran.
-Teaching the tajweed rules, and Arabic language.
-Iam good at communicating information in a very simple way ,and I have
Very good explanation methods.
-Iam good at dealing with all age groups, including children.
Education & Academic Achievements
-Studying in Al-Azhar.
-I have ijazah in hafs
– the faculty of Languages and Translation, The
Department of Islamic Studies in English
-I have given courses in English in myfaculty to my friends who are in the
First year.
-I’ve given courses in tajweed rules in Arabic to people in my mosque in my
village, including many children