Arabic Language Course


The Arabic language is the primary key for reading, memorizing and understanding the noble Qur’an, Islamic sciences and Islamic studies. Therefore, every Muslim should try to learn the Arabic language to the extent that it benefits him in matters of his religion and helps him to read, research and learn. We have taken into account the development of curricula for the Arabic language, divided into three consecutive stages.

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The First Level (Basic Level)

the basic level In it we teach the student the basics of the Arabic language in terms of the forms of letters, their names and their sounds, the basic signs needed to pronounce the word proper pronunciation and the composition of the word and the sentence and the difference between the similar letters in the sound or form and the basic director of this level is the output of a student who is able to read the Arabic text correctly.

The Second Level (Intermediate Level)

This level is concerned with teaching the student the Arabic vocabulary and creating the largest possible outcome for him to use in understanding the texts of the Arabic language, whether in the written or spoken text and to also understand the meanings of the noble words of the Qur’an and Islamic books, and also enables him to conduct conversations in the Arabic language with those who are proficient in speaking this language

The Third Level (Advanced Level)

the advanced level This level is concerned with teaching the student the rules of the Arabic language (grammar) to properly set the sentence in terms of pronunciation, composition and expression. This is done by professors specializing in this field, as this stage is the most accurate and the most difficult of the three stages, but due to what our teachers have from previous experiences In this field, the matter is smooth, simple, and desirable for the student, with whom he can perceive, understand and apply.

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