Quran Course

Quran Light network has many distinguished curricula in line with Al-Azhar’s curricula in teaching students Islamic sciences Top of these curricula (The Noble Qur’an) The Book of Allah Almighty with its four sections, recitation, Tajweed, memorization, and revision

1- Recitation

We took it upon ourselves to enable students who do not know Arabic to learn the letters first and then the basic signs of diacritics and how to spell the word and add it to before and after so that the student can read the verses properly

2- Tajweed

It is the second stage of studying the noble Qur’an, in which the student learns the basic rules of Tajweed, such as the rules of the static nun and the Tanween, the rulings of the tides, the exits, the attributes, and other basic rules that enable the learner to read the noble Qur’an correctly as we reported on the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.

3- memorization

Since memorizing the noble Qur’an is one of the greatest gifts and actions that a Muslim casts his Lord. It was mentioned in many legal texts that exhort a Muslim and urge him to memorize the Noble Qur’an. It differs according to age, perception and other factors as the teacher explores through the experiment the appropriate amount for the student to memorize, so he does not exceed it with the periodic review to make sure not to forget what was memorized

4- The review

It is intended to make sure that what was memorizing or memorized by the learner from the noble Qur’an has not been forgotten, so the noble Qur’an needs to be constantly reviewed and the review is in two stages during the memorization of the noble Qur’an and another stage after completing the memorization of the noble Qur’an