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Believing from  Qur’an Light Network in the right of every human being to learn what brings him closer to his Lord and knows his Lord well, and a contribution from the network in raising the percentage of religious awareness among Muslims throughout the earth The network decided to choose every month two low-income students who want to learn but have no financial capacity to do so Provided that this support is only for teaching the noble Qur’an to recite and memorize. The student studies two lessons per week. The duration of the lesson is 30 minutes, for a period of 3 months, not renewable. This scholarship does not include Arabic or Islamic studies.

Please, if you are a low-income person with a real desire to learn and cannot afford these lessons, leave your information here and your name will be recorded in our waiting list and contact with you when it is your turn.

We hope to increase this number and double it more gradually, Allah willing

50% offer

Now you can study with us in the network of  Qur’an Light any subject you want (Quran – Arabic – Islamic studies) at half the price only if you have a brother, friend or family member at the same level of education and will study the same subject with the same teacher at the same time you can share Together the price of the session and studied together